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Wills guide to the ADE 2008

The ADE runs annually in Amsterdam and is the worlds best Electronic and Dance Music Industry conference/festival. The day conference is held in the centre of Amsterdam at the historic canal-side Felix Meritis building and the luxurious neighbouring Dylan Hotel while the night program dominates every club in Amsterdam. They are expecting 2,000+ professionals from over 36 countries, 600+ artists/acts to perform and a festival audience of 80.000 at the ADE this year.

The ADE has a lot to offer so it is really down to what you want to do and achieve while there. Below is a guideline on how I'll be approaching things based on my experiences from the last two years.


There are many fine hotels in Amsterdam. The Dylan Hotel for example is right beside the Felix Meritis. However this can be expensive so if you don't plan on sleeping much a hostel might be a better option. There's tons of them around Amsterdam.


Hmm I'm sure there are lots of fine restaurants in Amsterdam. Unfortunately I never found them! There's an Irish pub near Dam Square that does a mean breakfast. You can get a sandwich at the Felix Meritis during the afternoon and in the evenings I usually hit a MacD's or get some pub grub. Lots of Junk food available also. I know, I'm a hopeless culture vulture.


Apart from its Art, Amsterdam is also well known for its Cafes. Very important to note that the "Smoking Ban" came into effect on the 1st of July of this year so no tobacco smoking. You can hit as many pipes as you want or just not use tobacco. Some Cafes have a tobacco substitute you can use as well.

Tourist Stuff

If you do one thing cultural in your time in Amsterdam hit the Van Gogh museum. The Ajax Amsterdam Arena is class if you are a fan of Ajax. The tour is really good and the museum is massive. Great club. There is also the Heineken brewery but how much do you really need to know about Heineken? Nice pints though.

Day Program

This is what really sets the ADE apart. The day program is outstanding and really well run from the topics covered, the speakers, the venue and the conference facilities available via the business lounges (wireless Internet, bar, lots of seating). Thursday and Friday is when it all happens so get any meetings out of the way then. Any time you are not in a seminar you can chill in the Business Lounge. The important thing really is to be around. Pull yourself out of bed and get down there. It's worth it.

Good conferences I have seen include Approaching Markets in Asia/Eastern Europe/North America, The clubbers circuit, Positivity in Dance Music with Josh Wink, Music Technology with Dave Clarke to name but a few. People are usually in bits by the Saturday so it's very much a low key affair. There wont be as many people around. There's usually a Q&A session with somebody big. Last year it was Kevin Saunderson. Dave Clarke usually hosts "Demolition" where he and other guests dissect submitted tracks from people attending the ADE.

from the website:

"Natasha Kizzie, head of entertainment at EURO RSCG KLP London will be taking part in the Brands On the Live Circuit panel. Kizzie has been instrumental in putting together large branded events such as the V Festival and T In The Park as well as brokering the Groove Armada deal with Bacardi. The Music Synching panel will include Jason Alexander, founder of Hit the Ground Running (HTGR), which is a leading boutique music supervision company based in Los Angeles. Jason and his team oversee the music for several award-winning TV programs such as CSI, CSI: Miami, CSI: New York, Everybody Hates Chris, Entourage, Cold Case, Without A Trace, and studio films including Flicka and Goal, along with various documentaries. Joining Jason will be the music supervisor of Vertigo Films Lol Hammond who has been music supervisor on many British movies, Including 'Its all gone Pete Tong', 'Football Factory', 'Dirty Sanchez The Movie', the bafta nominated 'London to Brighton', 'Outlaw' and 'Sparkle'.

Further panels: The Artist Debate; How to Manage Success!, Health and Environment, Investment in Sound and other topics concerning Licensing, Management, and (Online) Distribution."

Night Program

This is where the fun starts. Every club in Amsterdam will house various DJs, Artists and Label nights. Unfortunately my favorite club "Club 11" is closed. Devastated. The standard of clubs in Amsterdam overall is outstanding so wherever you decide to go will be good. So what you do for the night program is really down to yourself and your own tastes. Here's some parties I would recommend.

The official launch party for the ADE takes place on the Wednesday for those attending the conference. Last year Monochrome (Romania) were the featured act and there was lots of free Heineken.

From 10 am until 9pm there will a photo exhibition from the KLM Paul Huf Award 2008 winner Pieter Hugo. Also the "SAE and Bootleg DJ Cafe present: Insidelook Producer Workshop with Vince Watson" at Studio K from 6 to 9:30pm.

The Westerunie will host Joel Mull, Ste Rachmad and Michel De Hey. Clashing with that though will be Monika Kruse and Gregor Threshor at the Flexbar. Nice dilemma to have and all but I really don't know where to go. Monika is one of my favorite producers.

No doubts about Friday. The Sand club is host to "Cocoon Goes Amsterdam Part V: Disco Invaders" with Sven Vath, Mathew Johnson, Guy Gerber, Tobi Neumann and Andre Galuzzi. Seen Tobi and Andre in Ibiza recently. Quality. There is also an official Cocoon afterparty in Club Home; starting at 5 in the morning and finishing at 12 the next day. Line-up not confirmed.

DJ Pierre is also playing at the Mansion if you have problems getting in and there's an Intacto night at the Flexbar. Innervisions will have a party at Melkweg with performances from Ame, Dixon, Schwarz and Marcus Worgull. Seen them in club 11 last year. Always worth a look these guys.

Some interesting early evening entertainment provided by Addictive TV at the Concrete Image Store: "Twice voted number 1 VJs in the world by DJ magazine Addictive TV will present a special installation of selected audiovisuals works at Concrete. Visitors are invited to view selected pieces of work and see why mainstream Hollywood film companies, from Paramount to New Line Cinema, are queuing up to have their movies, like the blockbuster "Iron Man", remixed into audiovisual dance music tracks by the Addictive TV duo."

The "Contakt - 10 Years of Minus" party will take place in the Sand on Saturday. Monster line-up including: Richie Hawtin, Magda, Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, Heartthrob, Jon Gaiser, Barem and Konrad Black. Not a single weak link. Sick.

For Plan B I would recommend perhaps checking out Juan Atkins and DJ Pierre at the "Afro Acid Party" in club Vakzuid. In case you happen to be going to Amsterdam with your teenage sister Hed Kandi will be running a party. Oh and "DJ Wanka" will be playing at club Canvas!

After hours there will be an all nighter on at club Akhnaton. Starting at 10:00 pm and going right through until 10 the next morning. Mainly Dutch DJs with an appearance from Andre Crom.

There's a closing party at Club NL and a few other wind down parties. If you're still up for it at this point you're doing well.

Ceoltronic: Coming Soon to RTE Pulse DAB and Online @ RTE.IE

Ceoltronic has recently been signed to RTE Pulse DAB and online at Come December Ceoltronic will air weekly on Friday nights from 22:00 to 00:00 in addition to its current schedule on Raidio na Life.

In addition there will also be a "Ceol Eire" show broadcasting 
on Saturdays from 19:00 to 20:00. Ceol Eire will feature mixes 
and interviews from Irish labels and producers and will cover any 
recent news in Irish Electronic Music.

For more info email ceoltronicradio(at)

Ceol Eire III - Irish Electronic Music Compilation

Ceol Eire is a compilation of Irish Electronic Music compiled by Djamel and myself for broadcast on Ceoltronic. Latest release below.

Artist, Track Name, Record Label

Education, Yer Aul One Loves This, D1
Djamel, Quit DeBuggin, Aciitone Digital
Sylar, Mellow, Monad
Chymera, Wish - Will Saul Mix, Toshimingo
Sian, Flood - Gui Barato Mix, Octopus Records
Sourcecode, mc kenna, matador remix, Aciitone
Corrugated Tunnel, The Oracle, Mode Music
Siphon, The Green Room, FVF Intagration
Donacha Costello, Blue B, Minimize
Sian, Zelda, Octopus Records

Ceoltronic August Mix

Ceoltronic August Mix

Link to download Ceoltronic August Mix. Minimal Techno/House

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Amsterdam Dance Event October 2007 Reviewed

lalalala fu*kin amazing weekend

The ADE is in its 12th year and it was fully sold out. This conference is focused totally towards industy professionals by day and by night every club in Amsterdam is host to some of the worlds top names and really good underground talent. Absolutely kicked the living shit out of Sonar. Sonar is more party oriented. This is a different monster. One where shit actually happens.

Everyone was really mello. People were just open and talking to each other. you cant go there and not end up talking to someone. Nothing might come of it but at least you are out there. There was always something to do as well. Time flew and this weekend was over before I knew it. I was the only Irish attendee at the conference.


Was up till 5:30 getting my shit together (making, burning, packaging CDs, packing clothes etc..) then had to get up at 7 to catch my flight. I couldnt see straight with tiredness. I think I signed up to some credit card at the airport. I have to look into that. I was really out of it with tiredness.

Arrived in the dam at around lunch time. Got the train to Central, hit my favorite coffeeshop the Speakeasy, checked into the Flyin Pig Hostel, got absolutely wakt out of it (was tired too) and went for a nap.

Got up and went to the official ADE Launch party in the Escape Studio. Free Heineken all night, music from Monochrome who were this years Heineken Thirst Studio Global Competition Winners. They played nice groovy Minimal/Techno. Sound guys. They were using a Korg Electribe which i had just bought.


Registered at the Felix Meritis for the day program. The Felix is a nice rustic old building equiped with a network lounge, 2 business lounges with internet access and two panel rooms. A nearby hotel was also used to provide an extra Panel room and a business lounge/meeting area.


21st Century Record Label
Covering the ins and outs of of running a label and discussing where the money goes from artist through to retailer.

The Clubbers Circuit 2007
Panel of promoters discussed the evolving club scene and how to keep on top of trends and how they operate in their respective markets. Panelists included Jenni Chochrane of MOS and Olaf Boswijk, Manager at Club 11 (my favorite club) due to close in the next year due to problems with the building.

N.E.W.S Cocktail hour
N.E.W.S showcased Dutch talent in the Networking Lounge while providing an open bar 5-6 (nice touch lads). Got talking to a dude who ran a Dub Step label in the UK. funny shit.

Thursday Night
Well got back to the hostel pretty late. went for a nap and woke up at 3:00 am. So with that i literally ran straight out the door to Club 11 for the Innervisions Night. performances from Dixon and AME. good craic. Olaf was up the front for the whole night.

Spent a lot of time in the Business Lounge chatting with people and messing around on me Drum Machine. Plus I had attended a lot of the seminars last year.


Territory focus: Eastern Europe
Panel discussed whats popular in Eastern Europe at the moment and the best way to approach operating there. Acoustics were bad in the room and the panel wasnt as good as last year. still a worthwhile discussion though.

Territory focus: Ibiza
There was a large focus on how to break tracks in Ibiza which was good. No real revalations. panelists included Armin Van Buren and Steve Glen Hulme (Pacha)

Artists/Managers/Djs were invited to bowling with yet another free bar. Taxi's picked us up at the Felix Meritis and dropped us home. nice. This was really good craic. I was teamed up with Noisia, their manager Walter Flapper, a Music Lawyer and one of the guys from Buma Culture. The lads from Noisia were really good actually and gave me some good tips. I actually got an award for worst bowler in the end of it. a pair of the oldest bowling shoes in the place. Hilarious. In fairness to me, i never played bowling before but i was doing pretty OK towards the end. Too little too late eh.

Friday Night
Went to Club Escape for what i thought was going to be Kevin Saunderson but instead I found myself being entertained by some guy with weird hair. He did OK. Woulda much preferred Kevo. Had a good night though. Met some cool heads.


Final day of the ADE. It really does fly by. This is traditionally the quietest of the days as most people are hangin or all business is taken care of. I spent the early part of the day watching football. Got to the Felix to catch a Q&A with Kevin Saunderson. That was cool. He was a mello guy. Spent the rest of the evening playing with my drum machine in one of the Business Lounges.

Saturday Night
Watched the Man United Match which went well. Then I watched the Rugby World Cup Final. Had planned to go to Club 11 but the people I was with didnt have an ADE pass and it was sold out so we went to the club on the ground floor. It was grand. Good laugh.

Man was I tired on Sunday. Spent most of the day on my drum machine in the hostel. Did a small bit of record shopping. Then went for a few drinks with people from there. No more parties.

Decided to catch a late flight home so spent the whole day just strolling around. Did some proper record Shopping as there is a good spot right beside the hostel. Found a bar that plays Techno all day. Pity i didnt find it sooner. Then flew home.

Hasta Luego Amsterdam

About Ceoltronic Radio - Raidio na Life - Tue @ 12, Thu @ 9 Fri Night @ 3 - Techno Minimal House

Ceoltronic Radio is a radio show run by Will Kinsella (Dublin). The show can be heard on the web at and locally at 106.4 FM. The show runs every Tuesday @ midnight, Thursday @ 21:00 and Saturday mornings @ 3am (GMT). Music Style ranges from: Techno Minimal Tech House House Electro

Ceoltronic was shortlisted for "Best Radio Show" at the Irish Dance Music Awards 07/08. The IDMA's were organised by

The show was two years old in October 2007. Djamel and myself compile mixes of Irish produced electronic music and feature it on the show. This is titled the Ceol Eire series (Ceol is Irish for Music, Eire is Irish for Ireland). I was awarded Broadcaster of the month by Raidio na Life in November 2006 and was short listed for broadcaster of the year. My show was also mentioned in Connected Magazine (Dublin). In an article on the lack of good radio shows in Dublin mine was listed as one of the ones that they liked.

Will Kinsella - Ceoltronic Radio February Mix

Ceoltronic February Mix 2008

This mix is a sample of some stuff I was playin on the show in January and February 2008. Also streamed on and


Will Kinsella Mixes 2007 - ADE, Sonarpro, Amsterdam Nights

Hi there

Have a few mixes uploaded from last year. All my mixes are streamed on if you dont like downloading.


Mixes 2007

Sonarpro Mix: June 2007

Made for the Sonar Music Festival in Barcelona (June 07)

CD Cover


ADE Mix: October 2007

Made for the Amsterdam Dance Event

CD Cover


Amsterdam Nights: October 2007

I went record shoppin in Amsterdam after the ADE. I was fairly mellowed out as you would after 4 days in Amsterdam so the mix is quite deep.

CD Cover