Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Back in Pygmalion this Saturday with Mark Lawless. 6 hour show. Free in. Music starts at 9pm
Kongo makes Clarkey's top trax 4 2011! Fuck
Clarkey Playing Kongo on Be At TV (18 minutes) http://ping.fm/ih3Uy
Clarkey playin my track Kongo on New Years Eve (46 mins)!!


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Massive thanks to everyone who came out last night. Sasha and Ricardo had a great time. Next stop, Radioslave 30th March!!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Just wanna say safe trip to the buses coming from Meath, Carlow and Belfast for tonights show with Industrialyzer & Carassi!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Industrialyzer interview is playing now on Ceoltronic Radio @ www.rte.ie/pulse
Double pass for Industrialyzer and Sasha Carassi tomorrow night up for grabs. Tune in to Ceoltronic Radio @ www.rte.ie/pulse for more info
Ceoltronic Radio is LIVE NOW @ www.rte.ie/pulse 2nite is all about Industrialyzer and Sasha Carassi. Interview and Guest mix coming up!!
Catch an interview with Industrialyzer and a guest mix from Sasha Carassi on Ceoltronic Radio tonight from 22-24:00 GMT @ www.rte.ie/pulse
Industrialyzer interview and a guest mix from Sasha Carassi on tonights Ceoltronic Radio. Live from 10 GMT @ www.rte.ie/pulse

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Radioslave poster is looking even weirder than the others. Weird is good. I like
Off the phone with Industrialyzer for tomorrow nights Ceoltronic. Nice lad!! cant wait for Friday!!
Sasha Carassi guest mix for tomorrow's show is seriously bangin!! Lovin it!
Interview with Industrialyzer and a guest mix from Sasha Carassi on Ceoltronic Radio tomorrow Night!!
Apocalypse Now 10 Track of the Day 4m Industrialyzer (Friday) + Advent (April)

Apocalypse Now 10 Track of the Day from Industrialyzer (This Friday) and future guest Advent

Due to an unfortunate issue with Flights Sasha Carassi will play from 1:30-3, Industrialyzer 12-1:30 and Will Kinsella 11-12 this Friday.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Introducing Apocalypse Now 8 with The Advent and Cari Lekebusch on Friday the 20th of April!!! Get on board!!
Apocalypse Now 10 Track of the Day 4m Industrialyzer (24.02.12/This Friday!)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Double Pass up for grabs for Industrialyzer and Sasha Carassi @ the Button Factory 24.02.12. Tune in to Ceoltronic @ www.rte.ie/pulse 4 info
Ceoltronic Radio is LIVE NOW @ www.rte.ie/pulse. Opening up with some trax from Hobo's album on Minus Records
Ceoltronic Radio is back LIVE tonight at 22:00 GMT where I'll be live in the mix for 2 hours. Loadsa new Techno!


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Here's a link to an interview I did on Jason Dee's show Groovebox discussing The Apocalypse Now Project.

Apocalypse Now 10 mix of the day from Industrialyzer (24.02.12)


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Catch tonight's Italian Connection with Markantonio and Capuano on Ceoltronic Radio LIVE NOW www.rte.ie/pulse
Ceoltronic Radio is LIVE NOW with a track from Nima Khak on ISL @ www.rte.ie/pulse
RE Jeff Mills Interview on Ceoltronic: I've postponed this interview for a week or two. Will be worth the wait. Trust me!!
Ceoltronic is LIVE tonight from 22:00 @ www.rte.ie/pulse. Loads of New Techno. Really good stuff from the continent.
Apocalypse Now 10 track of the day 4m Industrialyzer (24.02.12 @ Button Factory)

Apocalypse Now track of the day from Sasha Carassi (24.02.12 @ the Button Factory)


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Another big room belter from Sasha Carassi. Apocalypse Now 10


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Track from Apocalypse Now 10 guest Sasha Carassi (Phobiq, Globox) 24th of February


24.02.12 |INDUSTRIALYZER, SASHA CARASSI| Apocalypse Now #10 - Button Factory

24.02.12 :: Apocalypse Now 10 - THE BUTTON FACTORY – DUBLIN
Location: The Button Factory
Dublin Doors: 11:00 -3:00
Entry on the door: €13
Advance tickets: €10+bf from: http://www.tickets.ie/

Apocalypse Now 10 presents a 4 hour serving of Big Room European party goodness at the Button Factory. Industrialyzer will need no introduction to a lot of Dublin’s underground party goers and we felt it was time for him to step into the big room having entertained at smaller venues around Dublin. Opening proceedings will be Globox and Phobiq boss Sasha Carassi for his debut Irish show. Sasha has been tearing across the continent with his marathon DJ sets and his to the point brand of stylish Italian dance floor busting productions.

This is the second installment in our count down to the end of the Mayan Calendar. Button Factory and Ceoltronic are teaming up with Tenth Planet Music for this show who first introduced Industrialyzer to the Irish scene. If you haven’t seen these artists before, NOW is the time and the Button Factory is the place on Friday the 24th of February.


Industrialyzer (Drumcode, Kombination Research //Portugal)

No need for introduction when it comes to Industrialyzer. First let’s introduce the music. Together with The Advent he has put his sonic stamp on the electronic music world. Since 2003 running the imprint Kombination Research with The Advent and most recently Advance Intelligence was born, a new digital label specially made for the softer ideas of the partners in crime truly they’re sound became to be an inspiration for artists to follow. Industrialyzer has branching out recently with a slew of solo released, most notably on Cari Lekebusch’s H productions. His productions speak for themselves. His sound could be described as stripped back, but dirty and fast, heavy but clean and bursting with crazy production and musical ideas. Since 2007 The Industrialyzer has released on the crème de la crème of today’s techno imprints. With releases on Drumcode, MBElektronics, Kombination Research ,1605, Bush records, Credo, Mote Envolver, and patterns to name a few, and remixes notched up for Umek, Green Velvet, The Advent, Pig & Dan, Alex Bau, A.paul, Tom Hades .... The list goes on. All this combining to show his wide diversity in sound...


Sasha Carassi (Drumcode, Globox, Phobiq// Italy)

Sasha Carassi is one of those artists who exudes the air of a seasoned veteran, but this is not just because of the years he has been making noise in the industry; it's his unparalleled skill and work ethic that places him in such a revered position.
2010 was a seminal year for Sasha, as he managed to rise above the flux of producers hailing from his native Napoli. By leaving his mark on labels such as Drumcode, Harthouse, Sleaze, Respekt, 8 Sided Dice and many others, he established himself firmly in the world of serious electronic music which nods slyly to the dark side. All of this well-deserved hype brought on remixes and collaborations with the likes of Joseph Capriati, Brian Sanhaji, Spektre, Virgil Enzinger and others who, along with Sasha, lead the way in this scene. Sasha Carassi's plan could not be complete without his Techno love-children, Globox Recordings and Phobiq Recordings. Artists such as Brian Sanhaji, Spektre, Slam, Adam Jay, BCR Boys, Matador and a slew of talented producers pushing the Techno envelope have all graced the labels over the past few years. No stranger to the road, Sasha has been a staple in major festivals and prestigious clubs worldwide.

Catch 4 hours of Big Room Madness for Apocalypse Now 10: Industrialyzer & Sasha Carassi, Friday 24th February @ The Button Factory. Belter!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Jeff Mills (Axis) interview on Ceoltronic Radio 09/02/2012

Station RTE Pulse

Programme Ceoltronic Radio with Will Kinsella

TX Date 09/02/2012

TX Time 22-24:00

Press: Introducing the "Apocalypse Now Artist Series" we have a rare radio interview with Detroit Techno Pioneer and all round ExtraTechnoTerrestial Jeff Mills following his sell out show in the Button Factory last Friday night with Apocalypse Now.

Apocalypse Now is a series of monthly shows counting down to the end of the Mayan Calendar presented by Ceoltronic Radio and the Button Factory. Jeff/The Wizard's radio show on WJLB in the 80's was in fact the original inspiration for Ceoltronic Radio back in 2005. This is a long awaited interview but it is certainly worth the wait (in gold).

Thank you Jeff Mills. Respect.


Techno legend Jeff Mills requires no introduction but....

Mills is part of the glorious history of electronic music .Underground Resistance founder, musical adventurer and an ace of the three deck mix. Producer of influential singles like 'Sonic Destroyer', 'The Bells',‘Waveform' and ‘Sonic' and the heroic 'Purpose Maker' and ‘X-102 series’. There is a reason they call it futurist Millsian techno. Jeff has been championed for his music's relentless pursuit of hardness and his stripped-down, almost industrial DJ sets with its dark stabs and spaced out beats. This futurist is more complex than he first appears, embodying an artistic ambition, which reaches far beyond simple techno music and is leagues ahead of his fellow DJ's.

Born in June 1963 in Detroit (the historic capital of today's techno), Jeff is of the same generation as its illustrious pioneers (Juan Atkins was born in '62, Derrick May in '63 and Kevin Saunderson in '64). With six shows a week on local WDRQ and WJLB radios, the young Jeff (under twenty years old at this point) was so talented on the decks that he was rapidly nicknamed ‘The Wizard'. Jeff then created his own label, Axis Records and collaborated with the Tresor label in Berlin. And so he commenced his rapid conquest of the global techno planet, thanks to powerful music and a mixing technique as fast as it is ingenious. Alongside characters like Laurent Garnier and Carl Cox, Jeff incarnated the techno tornado, which was unleashed across the western world throughout the nineties.

Even if Jeff Mills has never stopped releasing minimal, obsessive and percussive records for the dance floor, his music is more varied than it first seems. During special parties his mixes combine house, funk and soul, appealing to those who had previously been resistant to his brand of techno. On CD or limited edition singles, Jeff's music is more atmospheric and melodious. Rhythms are muted, with swing bass, liquid sounds, ample synths and dreamlike keyboards revealing another side of his character, whose inspiration comes from beyond the clubs. His music is a strange and cosmic jazz, with the voluntarily symphonic and mysterious attributes of film music. 2012 shows no sign of letting up for Jeff with a year of celebrations for 20 years of Axis and new album ‘Messenger’.
Apocalypse Now 10:
The "Apocalypse Now" Youtube channel is online featuring videos from the Jeff Mills show

Sian is back tonight with Octopus Records on Ceoltronic Radio @ 22:00 GMT @ www.rte.ie/pulse. Special guest Nicole Moudaber

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Just off the phone with Jeff Mills for a rare Radio interview. Broadcasting on Ceoltronic Radio next week!!