Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Apocalypse Manifesto?

I want to create an alcohol free social and music experiment. I want to organise a monthly artspace where DJs, producers and live acts can come together and play their shit without the intrusion of venue pressure, promoter pressure, label pressure; just come down and be your fucking self. I want people from all genres of underground electronic music. I want Dublin's original DJs playing back to back with its current Djs. I want a place for young and old, experienced and inexperienced. I also want this to be a place where people who just love the music to come down and watch all of this happen. Everyone is welcome.

I want a space where there is no alcohol and no poxy fucking cocaine. If i see anyone doing coke or any other stupid fucking designer club drug that has emerged in the club scene in the past 5/10 years they will get hit so hard they'll land in next week. This is a space for sharing, for creativity, for soul, for the merging of minds and where new friends and relationships can begin. This will be a self governing space. So, if any participants see anyone acting out they are free to throw that fucker out the door.

I cant emphasis enough, the importance of keeping this alcohol free. There is such a dependance on alcohol in this country people don't just go out to dance. Why the fuck not? Go out, dance or just talk to people for fucks sake. I want a juice bar and maybe some nice food, maybe thai food? what do you think? let me know. Its your space too

I don't care what level people are at. There will be DJs/producers there so what i want is to have everyone learning off one another and I would love for some young kid to come down there and be inspired to go off and create their own music. It could be the start of a journey for someone which would make this experiment worthwhile if it just worked for one person. That would justify it for me. I want live acts to come down and hone their skills in front of an educated crowd. express yourself, make mistakes, fuck up, people wont care as long as you are passionate about what you do and your music has substance; whether you be a DJ or a producer. I don't care. Just come down and show people your shit.

There are no restrictions so i want all generations from Dublin's underground to come down. This event will run on Saturday evenings to about 11 o'clcok so under 18s can come down if they like. If someone wants to bring their kids down they are welcome. Do it. There'll be no piss heads, no fighting, no agro, nothing like that. This is a music experiment and somewhat of a social one because alcohol is the centre of everything in Dublin night life. Hence making it very expensive for people to go out and enjoy music. just come down, have fun, learn, dance, meet your soul mate. Whatever

Hopefully this can be a medium for beautiful things to happen.

Watch this space.......

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