Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Ceoltronic Radio ADE Feature 201109

This year at the ADE was busier than ever. Between running around to different panels, interviewing as many people as possible, running around Amsterdam trying to keep up with Minus, backstage at Minus and Cocoon parties, catching interviews and generally enjoying top end event productions, sitting in on Dennis Ruyer's radio show and catching up with some good friends now at this stage, it was an intense few days to say the least, but as always I came back inspired, focused and re-energised (even though I barely slept over there!) from my fourth visit to the ADE.

Thanks again to the organisers for producing another inspiring conference. It's one of my few trips abroad every year (yes, funnily enough, music pays me fuck all :))

Have a nice week.

First hour,

Interviews with:
James Bullock - Elite Management, GB,
Arash Shirazi - Bullet, US,
Eamonn Forde - Music Week, GB,
Nick Warren - Way Out West, GB,
Dennis Reyer - Dance Department, NL,
Peter Hook, GB,
Patch Park, Renaissance (UK), NL,

Features a section of my ADE compilation. Tracks include:

Lucy, Bomb Lin, Time is Now,
Chaim, We Do, BPitch Control,
Mihai Popavicio & Jay Bliss, Mime Tachine,
Audiofly, Shazam - David K remix,
DJ T, Sine on (DJ T's Twisted Rework),
Doomwork ft Valentine, Groovin,
Neuroxyde & Doomwork, L'Amor Discontinue - Marcin Czubala remix,
Slam, We Doin This Again, Paragraph,
Miniminds, Junk Dancer - Daniel Papini remix, Mija,
Par Grandvik & Staffan Linzatti, Seven Shattered,
Blake Baxter and Abe Duque, Lets Take it Back, Process Recordings,

Second Hour

Interviews with:
Dave Clarke, White Noise, GB/NL
Cornelius, Alter Ego Management/Submerge, US
DJ Bone, Subject Detroit, US.

A mix is provided by DJ Bone

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