Thursday, December 3, 2009

Back to Basics on Ceoltronic Radio

I have been doing some thinking in recent times. There seems to be a wash of very samey samey radio shows popping up with people playing a lot of similar music. I personally don't want to sound like anyone else so I've been looking at how I can pull away from what's out there

It came back to one simple thing, simplification, returning back to basics. When I started Ceoltronic 4 years ago, the techno/minimal thing was getting barely any air play and I presented my show on three turntables. It was the only show of its type in Ireland at the time. As time pushed on, some promoters asked me to slow down my mixing when I was warming up for people and eventually it just fell by the wayside the more I got into production. My show was about the music still but my essential method of delivery changed, which was fine because not that many people were playing the music I was playing at the time. Now every muppet is playing "Tech House" so I have to think again, how can I distance myself from this shit?

So, on this day, the fourth birthday show for Ceoltronic Radio, I want to announce a return to the 1s 2s an 3s in the new year. I am going to have less guests and guest mixes will only get about 30 minutes of my show unless they are exceptional. Few are these days and most times I could do better myself, live and with music I've never played before. I literally download tracks and they go straight onto the show. Now its time to up the game man. I don't need big name guest mixes to sound shit hot or to buy credibility. I'll do it my fucking self.

Jeff "The Wizard" Mills inspired me to get into radio with his show on WJLB in the 80's and I want to return to that. This is how Ceoltronic started and I will get back to it. It might be a bit messy at first sure, but at least I wont sound like all the other shit thats out there. It's been three years since I played three turntables and you will be able to listen to me shake off the rust over the course of 2010. I more than likely wont be practicing outside of the show. I spend all my spare time making music so this is it. Radio is the only space I can push myself as a DJ outside of the club.

Many thanks to all who have supported me and contributed to the show over the past four years. The last year itself has been crazy. I've taken the opportunity to learn from some great producers and that's the standard of guests I want to maintain next year for anyone that does come on the show. Outside of that, It's gonna be straight up, three turntables and no bull shit. All mixing will be done live; no shity pre-recorded mixes acting like I'm doing it on the fly. No no. This is real deal live radio, just like Jeff used to do all those years ago. This way people will get an honest reflection of me as a DJ and they can judge from their sitting rooms if I'm any good. If you do like my shit, come down to my gigs.

I'm not the guy that will prostitute himself all over the net begging for listeners. I'll do a few posts here and there but I hope quality will shout louder than bullshit press releases etc.

Live tonight from 22-24:00 GMT I am marking 4 years of Ceoltronic Radio with a special feature titled "A Day With Minus" This includes interviews with Richie Hawtin, Barem, Magda, Ambivalent and Ali Demirel. Also catch a Fabric Radio mix from Magda.

Thanks for reading. I hope you have a nice weekend. Take care and heres to another year.....

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