Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ceoltronic Podcast 2: A Day with Minus - Celebrating 4 years of Ceoltronic Radio

To mark 4 years of Ceoltronic Radio and 1 year of RTE Pulse being on the airwaves, I did a feature called "a Day with Minus", based on Minus events at the ADE this year. This was the second part of my ADE coverage. On Friday the 23rd of October (09); from 3 in the afternoon to about 6 in the morning I covered a number of different Minus activities over the course of the day and interviewed Richie Hawtin, Magda, Ambivalent, Barem and Ali Demirel.

My day started with Richie’s panel at the ADE itself, then onto the GSUS store where Richie played alongside Magda and Ambivalent. From there I went to the preview show of the "Making Contakt" DVD documentary on the Minus Contakt tour. The DVD was followed by a Q&A with Richie and Ali Demirel (Visual Artist). This took place at prominent Amsterdam club "Melkweg" (I have to say the food in there was great). Minus Contakt is a cutting edge and revolutionary live show concept that swept Europe last year with critical acclaim. Having witnessed it myself at the ADE last year I can honestly say it is one of the single most inspirational live shows I have ever seen in electronic music.

To finish the night up then I went to the Minus showcase at the Powerzone. Artists performing on the night included Richie, Magda, Ambivalent, HOBO, JPLS, Fabrio Maurizi and Ali Demirel.

Ceoltronic is now broadcasting on Thursday nights from 22-24:00 GMT as part of the new RTE Pulse schedule for 2010.


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