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27.01.12 | JEFF MILLS[3 Hour DJ Set]|Apocalypse Now #11 - Button Factory

27.01.12 :: Apocalypse Now 11- THE BUTTON FACTORY – DUBLIN
Line up: JEFF MILLS[Axis] 3 Hour Dj Set
Will Kinsella Live[Ceoltronic, Sleaze Records, Globox, RTE]
Location: The Button Factory
Dublin Doors: 11:00 -3:00
Entry on the door: €22.50
Advance tickets: €22.50+bf from:

Join us in a new party till the very end on the last Friday of every month; Counting down till the end of the Mayan calendar Apocalypse Now is a party with only 11 parts in the year 2012.... Combining the best in music, art and visuals Apocalypse Now will make The Button Factory your new home for the last Friday of every month.

Apocalypse Now launches with the legend that is ‘The Wizard’ Jeff Mills paying a special visit to the Button Factory. This year also marks 20 years of Axis records.. Jeff will be holding court with an extended 3 hour DJ set on the main Button Factory stage on January 27th... come party with us till the end like its 2012!

Techno legend Jeff Mills requires no introduction but....

Mills is part of the glorious history of electronic music .Underground Resistance founder, musical adventurer and an ace of the three deck mix. Producer of influential singles like 'Sonic Destroyer', 'The Bells',‘Waveform' and ‘Sonic' and the heroic 'Purpose Maker' and ‘X-102 series’. There is a reason they call it futurist Millsian techno. Jeff has been championed for his music's relentless pursuit of hardness and his stripped-down, almost industrial DJ sets with its dark stabs and spaced out beats. This futurist is more complex than he first appears, embodying an artistic ambition, which reaches far beyond simple techno music and is leagues ahead of his fellow DJ's.

Born in June 1963 in Detroit (the historic capital of today's techno), Jeff is of the same generation as its illustrious pioneers (Juan Atkins was born in '62, Derrick May in '63 and Kevin Saunderson in '64). With six shows a week on local WDRQ and WJLB radios, the young Jeff (under twenty years old at this point) was so talented on the decks that he was rapidly nicknamed ‘The Wizard'. Jeff then created his own label, Axis Records and collaborated with the Tresor label in Berlin. And so he commenced his rapid conquest of the global techno planet, thanks to powerful music and a mixing technique as fast as it is ingenious. Alongside characters like Laurent Garnier and Carl Cox, Jeff incarnated the techno tornado, which was unleashed across the western world throughout the nineties.

Even if Jeff Mills has never stopped releasing minimal, obsessive and percussive records for the dance floor, his music is more varied than it first seems. During special parties his mixes combine house, funk and soul, appealing to those who had previously been resistant to his brand of techno. On CD or limited edition singles, Jeff's music is more atmospheric and melodious. Rhythms are muted, with swing bass, liquid sounds, ample synths and dreamlike keyboards revealing another side of his character, whose inspiration comes from beyond the clubs. His music is a strange and cosmic jazz, with the voluntarily symphonic and mysterious attributes of film music. 2012 shows no sign of letting up for Jeff with a year of celebrations for 20 years of Axis and new album ‘Messenger’.

Rare recorded Jeff Mills mixes:
Jeff Mills @ Homelands, UK, 25-05-03
Jeff Mills @ Tresor, Berlin, 14-12-00
Jeff Mills @ Club Studio, Detroit, 13-12-94

Presented by The Button Factory & Ceoltronic


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