Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ceoltronic Radio May Press Release: What's coming up....

Programme Title: Ceoltronic Radio LIVE: Will Kinsella Live in the mix
TX time and date: 22:00 - 10/05/2012 (tonight)
Presenter: Will Kinsella
Short Blurb: I'm live in the mix from ten pm Irish/UK time.

Programme Title: Ceoltronic Radio LIVE: Will Kinsella presents Drumcode
TX time and date: 22:00 - 17/05/2012
Presenter: Will Kinsella
Short Blurb: Ceoltronic continues to highlight the major players in the European Techno scene. This month sees the focus turn to Adam Beyers label Drumcode. Founded in 1996, Drumcode has been a cornerstone of the international Techno scene. From it's base in Stockholm Sweded it has shattered sound systems across the globe. Drumcode parties have taken on the worlds top clubs such as Berghain, Row 14, Fuse, Amnesia, the list goes on. 2011 saw Drumcode celebrate 15 years. Long may it continue

"My last full on Drumcode party was last June during the Sonar festival in Barcelona. It was held in Row 14. Doors opened at 6am, I somersaulted out of there at around 2 in the afternoon. Uncompromising, relentless are just some of the words that spring to mind. Epic."

Programme Title: Ceoltronic Radio: Will Kinsella presents Mark Lawless (Apocalypse Now) + Al Keegan with Come Press Tension
TX time and date: 22:00 - 24/05/2012
Presenter: Will Kinsella
Short Blurb: On a quest to involve more like minds in the ever evolving Ceoltronic project, Will hosts a monthly feature with two of Irelands finest underground House/Techno DJs. Mark Lawless is an Apocalypse Now resident, a graduate of the Sound Training Centre and has worked on and off as an assistant producer on Ceoltronic since it moved onto RTE Pulse in December 2008. He delivers a monthly mix of deep House and Techno. Al Keegan needs little introduction on the underground scene in Dublin. Delivering a number of event projects such as Acii Disco, Mixed Salad and Mongo. Al presents an hour feature titled Come Press Tension which is his monthly run down on what's moving on the Techno and House Scene.

Programme Title: Ceoltronic Radio: Will Kinsella presents Apocalypse NOW featuring Jeff Mills
TX time and date: 22:00 - 31/05/2012
Presenter: Will Kinsella
Short Blurb: Ceoltronic's monthly count down to the end of the Mayan Calendar is going from strength to strength in the Button Factory. Launching with Jeff Mills and followed by Radio Slave, Cari Lekebusch, The Advent, Sasha Carassi and Industrialyzer. Next on the cards is a 4 hour Minus show with Ambivalent and Matador LIVE. Before we get to that though Will takes a look back at some of the past shows, music from artists featured and an insight into future guests.

Most importantly though is a chat with Jeff Mills following his Dublin show which has yet to make it to air (until now). Jeff tore the Button Factory to pieces in January for his first club set in Dublin for some time. The show was a sell out success. There was over 1000 people outside the venue when the doors opened. Everyone (who got in) had a great time, Jeff was really happy with the show and Dublin's first dedicated big room techno night launched with an apocalyptic bang.

"Jeff Mills has been one of the most driving creative influences in my career from day one. The music I produce, DJ and present on my show is a completely different take on the Techno aesthetic. His ideas, creativity and quest for new platforms in electronic music are something I have always respected and taken huge amounts of energy and inspiration from. He is why I am here."

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