Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Will Kinsella - Plans for 2014 - Statement

Hi everyone

I’ve been working on my plans for the year ahead. This is what I've come up with so far. Your thoughts and input are always welcome and appreciated.

Production: First up, I have releases with Kombination Research, TMM and Patterns on the way shortly. That puts me on the same platforms as people like Ben Simms, The Advent, Gayle San, Industrialyzer and Cari Lekebusch. There's another ten or so unsigned tracks that I've been road testing too. That’s all grand but to be honest I feel like I could be doing more. I am looking forward to really pushing the boat out, exploring new sound scapes, challenges and generally becoming more prolific.

Equinox Dublin Free Parties in Pygmalion: This has grown a life of its own now at this point. There was a half hour queue to get in on Saturday which is really mind blowing. These parties seem to be getting wilder and wilder and the crowds are just getting more and more crazy. More of the same for the year ahead!

Ceoltronic Radio: Now in it’s 8 year of broadcasting and calls RTE 2FM and RTE Pulse it’s home. I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing and expand the project into new areas. I also have a huge back log of interviews to get up on Soundcloud; Jeff Mills etc. Must get on that! Ceoltronic - Will Kinsella

MPAP (Music Production Apprenticeship Program): I have started a tailored development program for electronic music producers. My idea was to take on 6 apprentices and show them the ropes of writing tracks from top to bottom. The response I got was crazy so I’m currently working on a way I can help everyone who has applied without excluding anyone. That will kick off shortly.

Ceoltronic Label: So I thought if I am training people up and I am already working with people like Jamais, Simon Foran and I taught Gavin Kenny and Mark Greene; wouldn’t it be cool to have a label where we develop our own talent? Im not sure there’s many labels like that out there but that’s what I’m going to do.

Ceoltronic Events @ The Academy 2: After a very enjoyable experience with the Ceoltronic 8th Birthday Party on New Years; I thought why not take things a step further again? Why not have a "Ceoltronic" incubator club night for Irish producers, DJs, emerging talent and more seasoned names alike? Bring over the occasional international act who I think has a story to tell. Possibly even do lectures beforehand.

So that’s what I’m doing. We have Dublin’s only Vinyl only night, I’ll be experimenting with new darker sounds and a host of really talented and energetic people have gotten involved. It’s also a space where people from the MPAP can hang out and meet other like minded heads. That kicks off on the 1st of February.

So that’s everything. A busy but exciting year on the cards. It's an open door policy so if you need advice or want to get involved get in touch and I will try my best to help.

Thanks for the support last year. I hope everyone has a great 2014


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