Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ceoltronic Radio Live 030709: 2 Hours of Berlin Record Shopping

This was the first 2 hour live mix show I did for RTE Pulse. I got back from Berlin with lots of hot new music and I decided to just do a two hour live mix as opposed to pre recording it. I had used Ableton for a while on my show in the early parts of 2009 and I must admit it made presenting the show really boring after a while.

Ceoltronic was always about the music and building a nice set when I ran it on Raidio na Life. This was when I had to do my show in Irish and I couldn't actually speak Irish that well at all so I just had nice mixes up every week and that eventually caught the attention of RTE. Once I started here I started interviewing people and hosting guest mixes and then mixing became secondary for a spell. This show was a step back to how I used to do things and this is how its gonna be from now on. Its a lot better and more energetic. Especially for a Friday night. It is too easy to sit there with Ableton running leaning into the mic every few minutes and say this is bla track from bla and it became boring for me. Now I have to run around the studio get my link in quickly and get back to the mix.

I still host guests on the show. The emphasis on this wont be so much in the future and if I do have guests I will still be mixing live for an hour or whatever. It's just better radio. Straight up. Just as pre-recording my show became really boring so did using Ableton after a while. Any no talent clown could do it. Unless you are doing something unique like a genuine live show like Minus or Innervisions don't bother. People who use Ableton to DJ in clubs aren't Djs in my opinion and are either lacking as a DJ or are just plain lazy and don't want to make a mistake. Give me a pair of 1210's and a DJM any day mate; I'll gladly take ya to school.

Hope you enjoy the show

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Adam said...

Good man Will! Tell it like it is. Keep the brilliant shows coming broski!