Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ceoltronic Radio Live 07/08/09: Space DJz

Ceoltronic Radio Live 07/08/09: Space DJz

Hour 1:

Android Cartel, Return of the Saint - Alan Fitzpatrick remix, Weekend Offenders
Adam Beyer, Something Good to Die for, Mad Eye
Adam Beyer, She Wears a Thorn Crown, Mad Eye
Adam Beyer, Don't forget the Joker, Mad Eye
Nima Nas and Nikko, Poser - Nikos Toscani remix, Slanted Black Recordings
Douglas K, In the Night, Ourway Recordings
Jerome Baker, You Got to Move, Mixtape Records
Jerome Baker, Not a Game, Mixtape Records
Jerome Baker, Dancefloor Destroya, Mixtape Records
Diarmaid O'Meara & Luke Creed, Bitchbags, Gobsmacked
Diarmaid O'Meara & Luke Creed, Niteflix, Gobsmacked
Joseph Capriati, Kontrol Room, Drumcode (caning this track playing out, absolutely recking dancefloors)
Alan Fitzpatrick, Amsterdam, Pirupa & Pigi rmx, 8 Sided Dice

Guest Mix from the Space DJz plus interview

Jamie Bissmire & Dj Bam Bam - 50hz 10
Big Money coming - Crookers
Real state of things - Virgil Enzinger
Dj Dan - Monkey Buisness - Dj Bam Bam Remix
The Advent - Slow Motion
The Advent Vz Industrilyzer - Sketch Mania
Rockin Down - Dj Chukie Mix
Thrapp - Marco G 7 Amin Golestan Remix
Let there be house - Dj Bam Bam remix
The Advent Vz Industrilyzer - Hypnotizing
Jamie Bissmire & Dj Bam Bam - 50hz 011
Let the Base kick - Silvio Ecomo
KC Flyer - Space DJz - The Advent Vz Industrilyzer Remix
Favelas - Borique Tribes
The Advent - T1
The new hip house - Alex Peace
Aldante - Favelas - Borique
Space Djz vz Mr Eyes - Bangers & Mash

I finished off with Junk Waffler from Space DJz (Naked Lunch)

Link: http://www.sendspace.com/file/jx3on8

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