Thursday, February 20, 2014

Native Instruments Maschine Master Class with Will Kinsella - March 1st

Intro: A 3 hour lecture on how to create a track from start to finish in Native Instruments Maschine delivered by Will Kinsella (Kombination Research)

Date: Saturday March 1st

Price: 30 euros

Time: 18:30-22:00

Location: Twisted Pepper Basement

Learner Outcomes: To understand how to progress from loop stage to final arrangement:

Topics covered:
- Rhythm Programming
- Sequencing
- Using FX
- Arrangement
- Mix Basics

About the Lecturer: Techno and space enthusiast Will Kinsella is a full time producer with releases on the Advents Label Kombination Research, Sleaze Records and Globox. Listed in Dave Clarke’s top tracks of 2011 with Kongo.


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