Monday, February 3, 2014

About the Ceoltronic Bunker Parties

This Saturday I launch into a new project for Ceoltronic; the first of our Bunker Parties in the Academy Basement. When I thought of what I would like to achieve through this it actually took me some time to articulate. Here it goes.

Since the closure of Electric City, DEAF and Switch, Irish Techno has become completely reliant on international artists. The result is the same 10/15 names brought over every year and the same 3 or 4 people warming up for them. Pretty boring if you ask me. Where does that leave everyone else and where do people get experience and develop either as performers or artists? The answer? Risk your life savings bringing over a DJ yourself? Good luck. DJing for free at some party where the onus is on you to bring people to the party or you won't be invited back? You can play at the after party as well but don’t forget the cardinal rule, ten euros in, bring your mates and play for free.

This has left the Irish underground in tatters as far as I’m concerned. People are being used and exploited and this behaviour has become common place. Also by solely supporting international DJs the money just leaves the country.

 I want to deliver top quality music, in an underground setting, at an affordable entry fee where the money goes back towards supporting local talent. Bulk that up with the occasional international artist who we feel has a story to tell.

Fran Hartnett (February 8th), Eamonn Doyle (D1) and Chris Nez & the DSNT crew from Belfast (February 22nd) have all gotten involved. As well as DETROIT TECHNO MALITIA making their first ever appearance in Ireland this April.

This is what the Bunker parties are about. A good honest party amongst friends with absolutely no compromise in terms of the quality of music. It’s an open door policy. Everyone is welcome, just come down and enjoy yourself. Simple as. 

If you want to get involved just come down, say hello and meet everyone. You are all welcome.

There’s also scope to develop new skills as a producer as I have launched a Music Production Apprenticeship Program. It’s there if you need it.

If you have any other questions just come down to the Bunker and we can chat there.

Until then, thanks for reading.


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